China's Ministry of Finance said it is forbidden to disguise debt in the name of

The Chinese Ministry of Finance said on Thursday night that it is necessary to support the fight against defensive risks of major risks by focusing on effectively preventing and controlling the debt risks of local governments and resolutely stopping illegal and financial guarantee activities. It is forbidden to use government-invested funds, government and social capital cooperation (PPP) , The government purchased services in the name of disguised debt.

The press release issued by the Ministry of Finance on the website of the National Finance Working Conference said that it is necessary to support the fight against poverty and precision, focusing on focusing on poverty-stricken areas and strengthening the management of financial poverty alleviation funds, and on supporting the fight against pollution, focusing on supporting Solve the outstanding environmental problems, lay "the Battle of the Blue Sky" to provide more quality ecological products.

"We must make efforts to support and lay the three major strenuous efforts in prevention and mitigation of major risks, precision in poverty alleviation and prevention and control of pollution," said the Ministry of Finance.

The Ministry of Finance also said that it is necessary to deepen the supply-side structural reforms, support the optimization and upgrading of manufacturing industries and promote the sustained and rapid growth of new kinetic energy, and continue to push forward the "three reductions and one reductions and one subsidy." Implement innovation-driven development strategy, promote entrepreneurship innovation and the development of small and micro enterprises, and promote coordinated development of the region.

The Ministry of Finance also said that it is necessary to speed up the reform of the fiscal and taxation system, improve the financial system, improve the budget management system, deepen the reform of the taxation system and promote the government's purchase of service reforms. Since the beginning of this year, the country has appropriately expanded its fiscal expenditure scale. The national fiscal deficit has increased from 1.2 trillion yuan to 2.38 trillion yuan, but the deficit rate has been kept within 3%.


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