China will continue its strong supervision in 2018 and deepen the remediation of

China's domestic media - 21st Century Business Herald reported on Tuesday that the strong regulatory situation will be renewed in 2018; the CBRC will further deepen the remediation of banking market chaos, focusing on corporate governance is not perfect, in violation of macro-control policies, shadow banking and cross Financial products risk, improper related party transactions for the benefit of eight aspects of rectification work.

The authorities of the regulatory authorities reported and quoted the authorities as saying that in the future the coordination and stability between the regulatory authorities will be enhanced. The coordination between the three parties and the three associations will be enhanced and the coordination with the Ministry of Finance, the Audit Commission and other agencies will be enhanced. More emphasis will be placed on the overall supervision and conduct supervision So as to enhance the effectiveness of supervision and strengthen the supervision of network technologies and cloud technologies and at the same time supervise the capabilities of science and technology.

"Making arbitrageurs unprofitable and allowing criminals to be punished should enable banks to 'establish compliance and create benefits'," the report quoted regulators as saying that "regulators in the past were thinking of more industry developments, The current development of quality requirements exceed the needs of the scale, regulators are also returning to 'supervise the supervisor' of the original position.

According to reports, the scale of assets in China's banking sector has jumped to No. 1 in the world. However, with the rapid development of the banking sector, some risk spots have accumulated, highlighting the fact that some banking systems are spinning out of money and nested to avoid regulatory oversight in restricted industries and fields. Cross-market and cross-business risks of cross-cutting are high.


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